How to Conquer Online Distractions at Work

This is for everyone, from hard working individuals to a CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, and we all struggle with distractions at work. For me, the worst time-suckers are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my email.

I know how tempting it is to check your messages, browse through your friends’ photos and catch up on email notifications while you’re really supposed to be doing something else. The problem is, it’s not just a few minutes you lose; it might be 15 minutes in an hour and several hours in the week.

Believe me; when you let yourself waste time with distractions, you’ll never put into effect the kind of growth you want to achieve in your small business or your career.

Wasting Time Won’t Get You Anywhere

A stunning 89 percent of employees surveyed by in 2014 admitted to wasting time at work. At 62 percent, the majority of time wasters lose 30 minutes to an hour each day, while 2 percent say they waste 5 hours or more! I sympathize very much with those people’s bosses. So much can be achieved in 5 hours.

If you’re serious about setting up your own small business and creating financial freedom for yourself, time wastage like that will lead you into debt really quickly. On the other hand, all of us need to take some time for ourselves just to browse the internet and check our social networks.

Here’s what I suggest: Take 30 minutes a day for social media and other non-work-related online browsing. You can even spread it out over the course of the day if you like. Thirty minutes is a good solid chunk of time that feels satisfying yet doesn’t heavily harm your schedule.

Manage Your Time Effectively So You Have Time to Waste

Nobody’s asking you to work 12 hours a day—or at least he or she shouldn’t be. As long as you make a business plan and tackle important tasks each day, your business should be in good shape. Time management is a huge part of entrepreneurial success, so if you have a scattered schedule, it’s time to get organized.

For me, getting distracted just doesn’t cut it during my workday. I like to put off signing into Gmail or checking Skype (or asking my assistant for my Facebook password) until I’ve finished the main tasks of the day. Then, I can do whatever I want.

Jackson Brown, Jr. said, “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”

If you leave your online distractions open throughout the day, they’ll just be massive time suckers—and you’re the one who’s going to end up paying for it.

Here’s How I’ve Been Dealing with Distractions Online

I went right to the source of my distractions, my time suckers, and silenced the notifications while trying to working and accomplish a task. Multi-tasking distractions or interruptions was ineffective because my attention to detail decreased and it took me longer to accomplish any productive work.

Thanks to an audiobook I have been listening to called the “The 4-Hour Workweek,” by Timothy Ferriss, he suggested using a website The RescueTime helps you understand where your time is going while working on your computer or mobile device. It lets you keep track of the time you spend in various activities so you can have an accurate idea of where your day goes. That’s important! Understanding your time allows you to take control of it, and find a balance that works for you. There are no more excuses. You have the resources to take control of your time and use it in the most productive way. Go to to take control of your time because it is definitely helping me not waste any more time.

This is what the dashboard looks like on the desktop and your mobile phone. It provides great feedback and images to show you how you are using your time online in the digital world.


This tool is great for any entrepreneur or employee. It helps keep you on track and accountable for your time. We all want to feel productive and accomplished at the end of each work day. Or, we want to be able to have more time with our family.



You can even set goals, timers, and block websites that distract you. You can see your goal progress on your dashboard, in your weekly summary email, and on the goals report. You can also choose to be alerted by pop-up or email when you pass your goal line.

Now I expect some great changes and increased productivity in people’s lives. Just like how the calendar keeps up with our appointments, we also need applications to keep track with how we use our time.


Maria Roark

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