How to Respond Positively to Negative Social Media Comments

Every person or business has received a negative feedback at some point. It is really easy for someone to share their opinion based on our social media platforms today. When you get a negative comment on social media, how you respond to it can impact how the public perceives you.

Try to maintain a positive tone when you are responding on social media. You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

This video gave some great advice for the best ways to respond to negative comments. Play to video for details on each advice:

1. ) Maintain a Consistent Tone

2.) Try to Respond to Comments in a Timely Manner

3.) It’s Important to Deal with Negative Comments Immediately

4.) Reread Your Response Before Hitting the “Send” Button

5.) Respond to Negative Comments Privately

6.) A Customer’s Legitimate Complaint Requires a Prompt Response

7.) At the End of Your Response, Thank Them for Taking Time to Contact You

8.) If Unable to Resolve the Issue, Offer a Refund or Discount on the Next Purchase

9.) Learn from Negative Comments

10.) Respond Promptly and Positively to Negative Comments

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