What is your vision?

My dream is to go on a 21-day exploration cruise to Alaska with my daughter. Instead of wishing to go on a cruise, I’m setting goals and expecting this to happen. I’m visualizing my dream. I’m placing myself on that boat while staring out into the wilderness and embracing the wonderful magnificent creation. This is going to happen but how? I’m sharing a simplified way to live out my dream vacation.

Simplified Way To Live Out Your Dream Vacation:

  1. Set a goal/vision – what do you want to accomplish?
  2. Research – how much is the trip/activity going t0 cost?
  3. Create a Plan – Budget the trip for all activities you want to do.
  4. Secure a Date – When do you expect to take/do the trip or activity?
  5. Start Saving – Find the money you can spare to go towards your trip (in all areas of your budget). For example, skip that morning coffee shop and brew that liquid gold from home, brown bag your lunch, and skip the weekend drinking/nightclub, etc… *
    • Pick up extra work – For example, I found that reffing high school sports is not only fun but it can bring in extra income towards a special trips or activities that my daughter and I can enjoy together. She tags along and finds new friends to play with while at the games. What are ways you can make extra money?
  6. Remind Yourself –  For example, post a picture on the mirror in your bathroom. This is your “Why” and sometimes we need to remind our thoughts since we tend to give up when times get rough. The reason for having a goal or dream helps motivate us to get back on track.
  7. Stay committed. The reward for the temporary sacrifice allows you to accomplish your goals and live out your dreams.


5 thoughts on “What is your vision?

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  2. Sarah Quilici

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