I am a freelance writer that creates alluring content that will resonate with your audience. I will produce the most desirable results by turning your viewers either into buyers, loyal subscribers, and avid readers. I work with my clients to captivate and make the best impression using the right content that is relatable or informative to the readers.

I provide distinctive writing for all major enterprises: travel and lifestyle, food and beverage, medical and healthcare, fashion and entertainment, technology and science, government and non-profits, sports, fitness, finance, business and real estate, education, daycare, and more.


  • Core website copy
  • Blogs and news articles
  • Press Releases
  • Social media posts
  • Content for banners
  • Product descriptions
  • Email Newsletters
  • Case studies, whitepapers, and ebooks
  • Company Bios
  • Landing pages

If you’re looking for a writer that will advance your content marketing then take the next step and send me an email at maria@mariaroark.com to request my services.


Client Reviews:

“I am very pleased with Maria’s services. She is not only a great listener but she is an articulate writer.”- Nicole Avina 

“Maria did an amazing job for me. I would personally recommend her because she can effectively communicate through her writing.” – Kathy Garner (Celebrant User)